Take Charge Of Your 2022

Both 2020 and 2021 were rollercoasters. From the start of Covid19 to regulation changes every 5 minutes, to lockdown, to retrenchment, to sickness, to triumphs, to new businesses, to success, and much more. The past two years have brought many different emotions. Now while you may be in a better or worse place now because of the last two years, the onus of the next two years is now on you.

Take Your Head Out Of The Sand

When I think of Fear Of Getting Started, I think of an ostrich with its head in the sand. Why or when ostriches do this, I am uncertain, however, it seems like a fair waste of time. If something is chasing you, it can still get you, you are merely just blinding yourself. And while this action may seem absurd, it is a situation many of us find ourselves in.

While Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) is a genuine fear of many, the Fear Of Getting Started can often be worse/ stronger. This fear can be paralysing, stopping you from getting anywhere or doing anything. Now as someones who has been there, allow me to give you some advice: take your head out of the sand!

The first step is the hardest, so make it a small one. Simple complete one task towards your goal. If you are starting a new business, this could be as simple as writing down a few potential business names or setting up your Facebook page. Your first step should not be hard or long, it should just be a step. Ready, Set, Start!


“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” – Benjamin Franklin.

We live in a society where “winging it” has become the way. Again, I have been there. The truth is winging it doesn’t work! If you don’t plan your goals, your strategies, or your life, you will probably end up going nowhere. Yes, plans change, but they still get you going in the right direction!

Own It

We live in a society that is hyperconnected. We can see what some people just had for lunch as it’s all over their Insta Stories. This can make it easy to compare ourselves to others feeling less successful, less organised, really just less than. This is by far the worst thing you can do to yourself, and I encourage you to look at your social media and get rid of anything that triggers negative thoughts.

At the end of the day, everyone else is taken, so you be you! The moment I recognised and more importantly accepted who I am, I became a happier and more fulfilled person. I stopped longing for a girlfriend to make me happy or about the amount of money in my bank account, instead, I started focusing on growing and becoming a better version of myself. Own you, own your life!

2022 is a new year, a new start. Yes ver cliche, but it’s true. So use this new start and make the most of it!

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