I Don’t Fit the Mold

In a little less than a year I have taken my company from 0 to 4 times my income prior to covid. This has led me to bring on a team of 5 freelancers to assist me in different areas. While I may have accomplished some great things when a lot of the world was shutting down and trying to survive, I do not fit your regular entrepreneurship mold.

Watching TV, YouTube, and reading books we are all painted this picture of a person who wakes up at 5 am, runs all day, and finds time to read 15 books a year. All while still finding time to have a family. This is not me. I work in sprint sessions, taking small breaks throughout my day. I don’t start the day early, I don’t make enough time for myself, and I don’t read as much as I “should”.

For quite a while I blamed myself for this. I felt that my differences made me somehow weaker or worse prepared for life as an entrepreneur. What I have learned along my journey is that this is utter kak. We are all different, we have different ways, and that difference is why we succeed.

One of my favourite movies is Rocketman. In one specific scene, Berry looks to Elton and says “You need to figure out who Elton is, and be okay with who he is”. We are who we are, sometimes the hardest part is learning to be okay with who we are.

Who I Am?

I am:

  • 24
  • Inexperienced in managing people
  • Believe that if you put your trust in people, they will rise to the challenge.
  • Probably a little Naive
  • Not an early riser. I start my day at 8:30am.
  • Not a bookworm, although I do read a fair bit.
  • Obessed with growing
  • Passionate about giving
  • An entrepreneur

While we often may feel as if we have to fit a specific mold, the truth is you are better off just being you! So stop trying to be this perfect depiction, and starting accepting who you are. While there is always room for improvement, there is no need to beat yourself up for not fitting societal molds.

Just Be YOU!

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