A Look Back to 2021

2021 has been an extremely difficult, but successful year for me. My business has grown tenfold and my life is now happier than ever before. While my life may be busy and even stressful at times, I feel a huge sense of fulfillment I often lacked in my life. Its almost as if I am now living a life that is true to myself, rather than one depicted by others.

And so as this year quickly draws to a close, I thought it makes a good time to look back and consider what I’ve learned over the year of 2021. Here are the top 3 things I learned during 2021:

Financial Security

One thing I learned in 2021 is financial security. I often used to think that financial security meant a large income and a large amount in savings. However, what I found this year is I feel more financially secure than ever before. Oddly though, I don’t earn what I would classify a large income and I don’t have a large amount in savings. What I do have is a few sources of income, and I could survive even if I lost 2/3s of it.

This helped me learn that financial security is not being rich or wealthy, but rather knowing that your lifestyle will be supported even if shit hits the fan.


As a young entrepreneur, I am stereotypically not a patient person. And while I hate to admit it, I fit the stereotype. But I have had to learn patience this year as I began to work with more clients, a bigger team, and more suppliers. Things do not always happen quickly and efficiently, and that’s okay! Luckily, it turned into a time to learn patience.

I am happy to report that I am a little more patient now than I was at the start of 2021.


Managing people is hard! Working with people is hard! However, the results are out of this world. My team grew from 1 at the beginning of 2021 to 6 as we close 2021. This growth in itself has been a huge learning curve. I had to learn to understand each of my team members, how they work, what motivates them, and what their goals are. To be honest, I made a lot of mistakes. However, now I have a high-performing team with who I have learned to work.

Well that’s 2021. It has been hard, but fun as well. Now let’s look forward to 2022, a year in which we will dominate!

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